Instant quoting engine for PCB manufacturers

Help your customers get a quote in minutes. Convert sales faster and know your customers' needs.


No email queries

No longer reply to emails inquiring PCB pricing for various features. Generate quotes immediately.

Currently you have hired a person, say Pat, to respond to all the quotation queries by email. Pat often gets overwhelmed by doing the same quoting task for the huge number of queries you receive. This causes delays, scalability issues and possible inaccuracies in the quotation. Subscribe to PCB QGen and let Pat focus on converting these quotes sent by PCB QGen into sales.

Prevent drop-offs

Give a seamless experience for your customers to prevent drop-offs and increase revenue.

Sam is developing a new product and hopes to sell hundreds of it. Sam sends you an email asking for a quotation for a purple ENIG PCB with 0.4 mm thickness. Pat replies to it a day later with a quotation. But it's too late! Sam in the excitement of developing the product gets an instant quote from another vendor and placed an order there. Upgrade to PCB QGen to not miss such customers.

Know your customers

Get clear insight of what features in a PCB your customers are usually looking for.

Do you know what percentage of users are looking for 4 layer boards? Or yellow solder-mask? Or would like UL Certification? Know all this information and more. With these insights optimize the stock that you keep for all the raw materials for PCB manufacturing, say for example dye for yellow solder masks. Be prepared for your customer's demands and plan your future road-maps with insights from PCB QGen.

Live in 30 min

Answer simple forms in minutes and embed in your website to have your own quotation engine in a jiffy.

After you securely sign in, in simple steps enter your manufacturing capabilities and the associated pricing in an intuitive web form. After this copy the iframe link that we generate and paste it in the body section of a new web page on your website. Voilà! Your website now has an instant quoting engine based on your company's capabilities and pricing.

Customizable Instant Quoting Engine

A simple tool to get a PCB manufacturing company started on their online presence journey.

Four Steps to your Instant Quoter

Just follow these four simple steps to get a quotation engine customized for your PCB manufacturing

Enter company details

Login to our platform and provide your company details like your website, email ID and country of manufacturing. Basic branding like adding your company logo and color is also included in the starter plan.


Enter features offered

What all features in a PCB can you offer for your customers? Can you manufacture with yellow solder mask? Are they IPC Class 3 rated? Let us know all this along with shipping details.


Enter pricing for features

Input your pricing model based on the PCB area ordered by your customers for all the features that you added previously. This can be different cost slabs for different PCB area ordered.


Embed in your website

On a new page or subdomain on your website embed the iframe that we provide. Voilà! You have an instant quotation engine specifically for your manufacturing capabilities. Start sharing the page!

Our Plans


150 USD


  • Instant Quotation Engine
  • Basic company branding
  • 1000 user sessions per month
  • 1 Domain
  • -




  • Starter Plan plus Customer Analytics
  • Advanced company branding
  • 50000 user sessions per month
  • 3 Domains
  • On boarding support

Local taxes (GST, VAT etc.) will be charged in addition to the prices mentioned.

See the PCB QGen app in action

Check out how to PCB QGen tool will look like when it's embedded in your website. Feel free to change the various parameters and get the quotation.
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